Task 1
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Task 2
1. Some of the well nown traits of Winston Churhill are the peace sign and the top hat. I believe that his personality was the one of a leader strong, confident and bold.

2. One of the things that Winston Chuchill has influenced uss is his many, many qoutes and his leadership skills, he lead the whole of Britain through WW2!3. What was it like being the prinister during WW2 ? Would you consider me someone who could do a similar thing?4. I had chosen thi person because he is roll model and he live in a era that a new alot about.



WALT:To find out about our own culture and heritage

Task:our family tree will

. At least 3 or 4 generations.
. Flags to represent place of birth
. faces/icons to represent family members
. our own avatar to represent ourselves
. Any additional information e.g births , deaths etc