ALJ - Legacy
Person I did on: Chris Ryan
Task 2:
1. Write about the personality and character of this person. What are his well-known traits and ideals? What are some little-known qualities that you have learned about?
Chris Ryan is nice cool guy. He is an SAS solider before. Chris Ryan is well-known as an SAS solider who escaped during the BravoTwoZero Operation. I learn about hat Chris was an SAS solider and now he is an author and security consultant.
2. If you could meet this person today, what two important questions would you like to ask him?
A.) What makes you to be an SAS solider?
B.) What makes you to be an author?
He would probably say...
A.) I personally like to follow my cousin, Billy because he is an SAS solider. Billy sometime took me to their base to see.
B.) I really want to tell my life in a story by using different person.

3. To conclude your biography you need to write a short paragraph as to why this person you have chosen, is somebody that you are inspired by.
I chose Chris Ryan because he is the one who survived in the desert. I loved to read his books. An SAS solider has to do lots of training to do. I wonder if Chris likes doing the training? Chris Ryan who escaped during the during the BravoTwoZero Operation. He lost his mates. Three of his mate got killed, four captured and Chris escaped.

Task 1:
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W.A.L.T: To find out about our own culture and heritage.

Task: To create our own family tree

Success Criteria: Our family tree will show...
* At least 3 or 4 generations
* Flags to represent place of birth
* Faces/Icons to represent family members
* Our own avatar to represent ourselves
* Any additional information. Eg: births, deaths etc

My Family Tree!!