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1. Michael Jackson was a legend, a hero and an icon, who's music shall live on forever in the hearts of his fans.
Michael was a philanthropist, an extremely charitable person.
He based his home around his childhood fantasies as he had never had a real childhood, what with the constant work to do concerning the record labels, etc.

2. Influential people in Michael's life included; Diana Ross, Princess Diana, Quincey Jones, John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, the list could go on for pages and pages (not literally),
but above all, I think that the two most influential groups of people in Michael's life were his fans and his children. He would also never do anything to hurt or disappoint his
fans or his kids for that matter. This is true, beyond the shadow of a doubt, no matter what the media has to say about him.
2.1. Michael Jackson was, in my opinion and that of many others, the most talented person of his and the next generation. He was a singer/songwriter, choreographer, producer,
musician, and he could sing and write many different styles of songs and many different genres (eg. rock and roll, pop, soul,etc.).
2.2. Michael was the victim of many accusations over his lifetime, which caused him to shy away from the public and media circuses for a little while. I, like every single one of his
fans, believe none of these accusations to be true and I am happy to say that Michael brought it home and smacked all the critics in the face with this bit of profound
quotation "Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons and the truth will win this marathon in court"
2.3. One of the many obstacles that Michael had to overcome in order to achieve what he achieved over his lifetime was the amount of crude accusations against him. But with
the support of his family, friends and fans, he was able to put aside the pety lies that had been spread about him and carry on down his path to success.

3. Question 1:
What would your ideal childhood have been like?

And he would probably say...

My ideal childhood would've been one where I wouldn't have to work, one where I could spend quality time with my parents and siblings, but most of all, I would've loved to
have had more of a bond or a stronger relationsip with my father, not just over the record deals, but like a normal father and son. That's what most people these days have, yet
they find the littlest flaws to complain about and they don't appreciate just how important that bond is.

Question 2:
What do you love most about what you do?

And he would say...

What I love most is feeling that rush when the crowd cheers for me and my performances and also how it feels to be able to help people on a larger scale and make people happy.

4. I chose Michael Jackson because he is one of the most inspirational people of his time, not just because of his musical talent and all the money he made, but he always strived to do
better, to improve the quality of his music and the short films that went along with them, he always wanted to make people happy and most of all, he never let critics get him down, he just
kept on going and achieved (I assume) most of what he wanted to achieve before his untimely death.

What I think the coolest thing about him is that even though he has passed on, his music lives on and hopefully will live on for a long time, to be enjoyed by the generations to come.

MJ Timeline

• gather information from a number of sources
• rewrite research information into our own words

TASK: create a visual presentation that informs others of our cultural background

SUCCESS CRITERIA: our visual presentation will ...

• include our family trees
• include at least 10 facts about our country of origin
• include at least 4 or 5 cultural aspects of our country of origin
• include at least 6 - 7 images to support our cultural aspects
• include information that has been rewritten into our own words
• include information gathered from a variety of sources
• include a bibliography

WALT - To find out about our own culture and heritage.

Task - To create our own family tree

Success Criteria
Our Family Tree must show
- at last 3 or 4 generations
- flags to represent place of birth
- faces/ icons to represent family members
- our own avatar to represent ourselves
- any additional information eg, births, deaths etc.

My Family Tree