cooltext599405097.png - Click this link to visit my time line on Nicholas Vujicic, and read about his life with no limbs.
1/2. Write about the personality and character of this person. What are his well-known traits and ideas? What are some little-knownqualities that you have learned about? Discuss the influences in this person's early life that have developed his/her personality and character. What we're their talents? What were some experiences that might have foreshadowed that this person would become successful/inspirational? What obstacles did this person have to overcome to achieve what they have?
A - Nicholas Vujicic is well known for the man with no limbs. He was born with a condition which caused him to be born without limbs to survive. survive life. When he was born the umbilical chord was around his neck, choking him causing him to turn blue! His parent's were obviously shocked at first but soon grew fonder of little Nicholas after finding out he was perfectly healthy. As he grew up he went through a tuff and hard life of bullying. He has overcome his fearsof not being to do any normal human thing, and now he does many everyday things and huge life experiences, he can swim,play basketball in a wheelchair, skydive, scuba dive and do the one thing he loves to do the most, inspire. He shareshis word about God to each and every school he visits. He tells them about his life, his experiences and everythinghe can been through, including bullying. He even talks about how to overcome your fears, stand up to a bully and of coursebeing yourself.
3/4. If you could meet this person today, what two important questions would you like to ask him? How do you think he would answer each question? To conclude your biography you need to write a short paragraph as to why this person you have chosen, issomebody that you are inspired by.
A. Question 1 ; How did God help you, inspire you throughout the years of bullying you put up with? Answer 1 ; "He showed me that there is a way through bullying, he taught me to stand up for myself, to love myself, for who I am. And i'm thankful that he has guided me." Question 2 ; If you could, miraculously have limbs. Would you take the opourtunity? Answer 2 ; "It would be nice to know how it'll feel to have hands and legs, but I have, as I have said, grown to love myself for who I am, and I wouldn't change myself for anyone or anything. I was born this way for a reason. Nothing is done without cause. And I will soon come too see myself for why I am the way I am." I am inspired by Nicholas and his love for himself and God because I haven't meet such an motivated person, he loves himself for who he is, and even better he tells the world that. He tells the world that we should all be inspired, in ourselves. We are our most powerful idol and he teaches us that. I think he deserves the popularity and the role of an idol, because it's honestly well deserved.


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WALT: To find out about our own culture and heritage

TASK: To create our own family tree

SUCCESS CRITERIA: Our family tree will show ...

  • At least 3 or 4 generations of family members
  • Flags to represent place of birth
  • Faces / icons to represent family members
  • Our own avatar to represent ourselves
  • Any additional information, e.g births, deaths etc.