The starting point for developing an ALJ is a fertile question or big idea.

"A fertile question" is one which is open, provocative, rich, relevant / authentic to our times, is charged with emotion and has a moral dimension"

Characteristics of a good fertile question:

A rich question ...

• Necessitates grappling with rich content that is indispensable to understanding humanity and the world around us

An open question ...

No definitive answer; rather it has several different and competing possible answers

A charged question ...

• Has an ethical dimension (is charged with emotional, social and political implications that potentially motivate inquiry and learning)

A connected question ...

• Relevant to the learners, the society in which they live and a discipline and field

An undermining question

• Underminers the students basic assumptions and casts doubt on the self - evident or common sensical, uncovers basic conflicts lacking a simple solution

A practical question ...

• It can be researched in the context of the learners , facilitators and the school facilities and from which research questions can be derived

Tony Ryan's Inquiry Model

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