Brad Dring ~ Rapture Ruckus
My timeline

Brad Dring is a very musical person and is very passionate about what he does.

He already knew he wanted to do something with music, but it was only when he committed his life to Christ that he found a purpose for his talent. Some obstacles he had to overcome included drug addiction. Luckily he had no trouble getting himself out in the music world, because Rapture Ruckus became big, fast.

I chose Brad Dring to do my legacy work on because through Rapture Ruckus, he has lead so many people to Christ. Songs such as "No Matter What" and "Hold On" really up lift people and show Jesus' love no matter what they have done. He knows what people are going through and encourages them through music. He is an amazing kiwi guy, sharing Christ's love, and leaving an inspirational legacy

• gather information from a number of sources
• rewrite research information into our own words

TASK: create a visual presentation that informs others of our cultural background

SUCCESS CRITERIA: our visual presentation will ...

• include our family trees
• include at least 10 facts about our country of origin
• include at least 4 or 5 cultural aspects of our country of origin
• include at least 6 - 7 images to support our cultural aspects
• include information that has been rewritten into our own words
• include information gathered from a variety of sources
• include a bibliography


WALT - To find out about our own culture and heritage.

Task - To create our own family tree.

Success Criteria
Our family tree must show...
- at last 3 or 4 generations
- flags to represent place of birth
- faces/ icons to represent family members
- our own avatar to represent ourselves
- any additional information eg, births, deaths etc.

My Family Tree