WALT :To find out about our own culture and heritage.
Task:To create our own family Tree
Success Criteria: Our family tree will show...
  • At least 3 or 4 generations
  • Flags to represent place of birth
  • Faces/icons to represent family members
  • our own avatar to represent ourselves
  • Any additional information: e.g Births, deaths etc

John Lennon

1.John is very Calm he is known to be peaceful like a hippy he tried to stop the veteran war with the anti war movement he is very musical .
2. John's mother was very musical and was john's only parent because John's dad left him when he was 3. And when john's mother died from a car accident he was very sad so he does his music for his mum.
3.If i could met John Lennon I would ask him Q:Why did you quit the Beatles A:He would probably say because I was getting old and because of Yoko John's wife she wanted him to.I would also ask him Q:who was your role model A: Elvis
4.I chose John Lennon because he is my role model and is one of the best Rock n Roll musicians in music history.